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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 C_GUIDGlobally unique identifier structure
 CAutoRepeat_tData to handle joystick button auto repeating
 CBase_deleteDelete an object using Burger::Delete()
 Cdefault_deleteDelete an object using delete
 Cdefault_delete_arrayDelete an object using delete[]
 CFree_deleteDelete an object using Burger::Free()
 Cis_functionSimplified implementation of std::is_function
 CJoypadRawData_tCurrent data read for a joypad
 Cremove_reference< T & >Remove the reference qualifier to a type
 Cremove_reference< T && >Remove the reference qualifier to a type
 CScalerTime scaler
 Cselect_valueSelect one of two arbitrary values
 CVector_128128 bit vector intrinsic
 CVideoContextDIBDIB startup and teardown class
 CWindowsAppBase class for window game applications