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Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 NetworkModuleSettingsTCP (NetworkModule *pNetworkModule, uint_t uGameID, const char *pGameName)
virtual ~NetworkModuleSettingsTCP ()
virtual eError OpenEndpoint (NetworkEndpoint::CallbackProc pCallback, void *pContext, NetworkEndpoint **ppEndpoint, NetworkEndpoint::eOpenType uFlags)
virtual eError OpenEndpointInstance (NetworkEndpointInstance::CallbackProc pCallback, void *pContext, NetworkEndpointInstance **ppEndpointInstance, NetworkEndpoint::eOpenType uFlags)
virtual eError StartEnumeration (EnumerationProc pCallback, void *pData, uint_t bScanNetwork=1)
virtual eError EndEnumeration (void)
virtual eError LoadSettings (const LocatedServer_t *pServer)
virtual eError NewEndpoint (NetworkEndpoint **ppEndpoint, NetworkEndpoint::CallbackProc pCallback, void *pContext, NetworkEndpoint::eOpenType uFlags)
virtual eError HandleEnumerationPackets (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Burger::NetworkModuleSettings
const Burger::StaticRTTIget_StaticRTTI (void) const noexcept override
 Get the description to the class.
virtual ~NetworkModuleSettings ()
 Default base destructor.
uint32_t GetGameID (void) const
eNetworkProtocol GetType (void) const
const NetAddr_tGetRemoteAddress (void) const
const LocatedServer_tGetServerList (void) const
uint_t GetServerListSize (void) const
const charGetURL (void) const
eError SetURL (const char *pURL)
eError SetURLByAddress (const NetAddr_t *pAddress)
 Set the address of the requested destination endpoint.
eSocketFlags GetSocketFlags (void) const
void SetSocketFlags (eSocketFlags uSocketFlags)
uint_t GetPassiveMode (void) const
void SetPassiveMode (uint_t bPassiveMode)
eError Poll (void) noexcept
 Yield CPU time for background tasks.
void UpdateLists (void)
 Update enumerated server lists.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Burger::Base
const charget_class_name (void) const noexcept
 Get the name of the class.
virtual ~Base () noexcept=default

Public Attributes

uintptr_t m_uEnumerationSocket
 Socket used by the server enumerator (Can be any protocol)
uint32_t m_uTimeMark
 Time mark in milliseconds, used for refresh time.
- Public Attributes inherited from Burger::NetworkModuleSettings
 Parent NetworkModule.
uint32_t m_uGameID
 ID of the game host.
eNetworkProtocol m_uType
 Module type that this setting came from.
EnumerationProc m_pCallback
 Enumeration callback function.
 Enumeration callback data.
 Array of located external servers.
String m_URL
 URL of the desired address.
String m_GameName
 Application supplied game name.
NetAddr_t m_RemoteAddress
 Resolved address of the URL.
eSocketFlags m_uSocketFlags
 Datagram/Stream flags.
uint_t m_bPassiveMode
 Enable passive mode.
uint_t m_bIsEnumerating
 Enumeration is in progress.
uint_t m_bEnumerationIsActive
 Enumeration is active.
uint_t m_uGameCount
 Number of games in the cache.
uint_t m_uNewGameCount
 Number of games to add to the list.
char m_TempBuffer [kBufferSize]
 Work buffer.
LocatedServer_t m_NewGameEntries [kMaxGamesInPendingList]
 Buffer for enumerating games via interrupts.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Burger::NetworkModuleSettings
enum  eServerEnumerationCommand { kServerAdd , kServerRemove , kServerClearList }
 Command code for enumeration callback. More...
typedef void(* EnumerationProc) (void *pThis, eServerEnumerationCommand uCommand, const EnumeratedServerInfo_t *pServerInfo)
 Function prototype for server enumeration callback.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Burger::NetworkModuleSettings
static const Burger::StaticRTTI g_StaticRTTI
static const uint_t kMaxGameNameLen = 31
 The longest allowed game name in bytes.
static const uint_t kMaxGamesInPendingList = 10
 Maximum number of PENDING servers to process in a single pass.
static const uint_t kBufferSize = 1024
 Maximum size of a server description packet.
static const uint_t kEnumerationTimeout = 2000
 Time in milliseconds before a server is dropped for lack of pings.
static const uint_t kEnumerationPingTime = 500
 Number of milliseconds to wait between pings.
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Burger::Base
static const Burger::StaticRTTI g_StaticRTTI
 The global description of the class.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Burger::NetworkModuleSettings
 NetworkModuleSettings (NetworkModule *pNetworkModule, uint32_t uGameID, const char *pGameName)
 Default base constructor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NetworkModuleSettingsTCP()

Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP ( NetworkModule * pNetworkModule,
uint_t uGameID,
const char * pGameName )

◆ ~NetworkModuleSettingsTCP()

virtual Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::~NetworkModuleSettingsTCP ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ EndEnumeration()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::EndEnumeration ( void )

◆ HandleEnumerationPackets()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::HandleEnumerationPackets ( void )

◆ LoadSettings()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::LoadSettings ( const LocatedServer_t * pServer)

◆ NewEndpoint()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::NewEndpoint ( NetworkEndpoint ** ppEndpoint,
NetworkEndpoint::CallbackProc pCallback,
void * pContext,
NetworkEndpoint::eOpenType uFlags )

◆ OpenEndpoint()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::OpenEndpoint ( NetworkEndpoint::CallbackProc pCallback,
void * pContext,
NetworkEndpoint ** ppEndpoint,
NetworkEndpoint::eOpenType uFlags )

◆ OpenEndpointInstance()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::OpenEndpointInstance ( NetworkEndpointInstance::CallbackProc pCallback,
void * pContext,
NetworkEndpointInstance ** ppEndpointInstance,
NetworkEndpoint::eOpenType uFlags )

◆ StartEnumeration()

virtual eError Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::StartEnumeration ( EnumerationProc pCallback,
void * pData,
uint_t bScanNetwork = 1 )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_uEnumerationSocket

uintptr_t Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::m_uEnumerationSocket

Socket used by the server enumerator (Can be any protocol)

◆ m_uTimeMark

uint32_t Burger::NetworkModuleSettingsTCP::m_uTimeMark

Time mark in milliseconds, used for refresh time.