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Burger::MousePositionEvent_t Struct Reference

Structure for mouse position events. More...

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Public Attributes

uint32_t m_uX
 Absolute X position on the screen.
uint32_t m_uY
 Absolute Y position on the screen.
- Public Attributes inherited from Burger::EventHeader_t
eEvent m_uEvent
 Event type.
uint_t m_uWhich
 Which device generated the event.
uint32_t m_uMSTimeStamp
 Time when the event occurred.

Detailed Description

Structure for mouse position events.

m_uEvent must be set to EVENT_MOUSEPOSITION.

This structure is used for posting a mouse position event. The values will be clamped to the Mouse::SetRange() parameters.

See also
EventHeader_t, MouseButtonEvent_t, MouseMotionEvent_t or MouseWheelEvent_t

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_uX

uint32_t Burger::MousePositionEvent_t::m_uX

Absolute X position on the screen.

◆ m_uY

uint32_t Burger::MousePositionEvent_t::m_uY

Absolute Y position on the screen.