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Burger::allocator< void > Class Reference

Implementation of std::allocator<void> More...


struct  rebind
 Its member type other is the equivalent allocator type to allocate elements of type T More...

Public Types

typedef void value_type
 Type is hard coded to void.
typedef void * pointer
 Pointer to nothing.
typedef const void * const_pointer
 Const pointer to nothing.

Detailed Description

Implementation of std::allocator<void>

Special type of allocator that has no ability to allocate or free any memory.

\sa allocator<const void>, or allocator

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ const_pointer

typedef const void* Burger::allocator< void >::const_pointer

Const pointer to nothing.

◆ pointer

typedef void* Burger::allocator< void >::pointer

Pointer to nothing.

◆ value_type

typedef void Burger::allocator< void >::value_type

Type is hard coded to void.