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Burger::NetPlay::MessageJoinResponse_t Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for Burger::NetPlay::MessageJoinResponse_t:
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Public Attributes

uint32_t m_uDataSize
 Number of bytes used in the response.
uint8_t m_Data [kMaxLength]
 Buffer for response.
- Public Attributes inherited from Burger::NetPlay::MessageHeader_t
uint32_t m_uVersion
 Packet version "kVersion" and special flags.
uint32_t m_uMessageID
 Message ID code to denote what the message actually is ( ePacketMessage )
PlayerID m_uFrom
 PlayerID of the sender.
PlayerID m_uTo
 PlayerID or GroupID of the destination.
uint32_t m_uSignature
 Incrementing message ID number for uniqueness.
uint32_t m_uTimeMark
 Message timestamp in milliseconds.
uint32_t m_uSize
 Size of the entire message packet in bytes.

Static Public Attributes

static const uint32_t kMaxLength = 1280
 Should be large enough for all join game responses.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Burger::NetPlay::MessageHeader_t
void ClearHeader (void)
 Reset a message header.

Member Data Documentation

◆ kMaxLength

const uint32_t Burger::NetPlay::MessageJoinResponse_t::kMaxLength = 1280

Should be large enough for all join game responses.

◆ m_Data

uint8_t Burger::NetPlay::MessageJoinResponse_t::m_Data[kMaxLength]

Buffer for response.

◆ m_uDataSize

uint32_t Burger::NetPlay::MessageJoinResponse_t::m_uDataSize

Number of bytes used in the response.