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Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t Struct Reference

Structure to contain a directory cache entry. More...

Public Attributes

const char * m_pName
 Pointer to the original directory name.
uint32_t m_uHitTick
 Last time hit (For purging)
uint_t m_uNameLength
 Length of the string.
uint8_t m_FSRef [80]
 Opaque FSRef.
long m_lDirID
 Directory reference (MacOS 9 Only)
short m_sVRefNum
 Volume reference used by copy and rename (MacOS 9 Only)

Detailed Description

Structure to contain a directory cache entry.

For performance, a cache of the last Burger::Filename::kDirectoryCacheSize MacOS directories are stored with their Directory IDs and volume reference numbers. Since these number can ba invalidate when a directory is deleted or created, any call to a Burgerlib function that performs that action will also purge this cache.

When a Burgerlib path is parsed, a Directory ID and Volume Reference needs to be generated. If the directory exists in the cache, the values found here will be used. If not, it will be determined and added to the cache.

See also
Burger::FileManager and Burger::Filename::init_directory_cache(void)
Only available on MacOS

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_FSRef

uint8_t Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t::m_FSRef[80]

Opaque FSRef.

◆ m_lDirID

long Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t::m_lDirID

Directory reference (MacOS 9 Only)

◆ m_pName

const char* Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t::m_pName

Pointer to the original directory name.

◆ m_sVRefNum

short Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t::m_sVRefNum

Volume reference used by copy and rename (MacOS 9 Only)

◆ m_uHitTick

uint32_t Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t::m_uHitTick

Last time hit (For purging)

◆ m_uNameLength

uint_t Burger::Filename::ExpandCache_t::m_uNameLength

Length of the string.