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Burger::RGBWord16_t Struct Reference

Red, Green and Blue 16 bit values. More...

Public Attributes

uint16_t m_uRed
 16 bit red value
uint16_t m_uGreen
 16 bit green value
uint16_t m_uBlue
 16 bit blue value

Detailed Description

Red, Green and Blue 16 bit values.

Six byte structure that contains the red, green and blue (in that order) color components where the value of 0 mean absence of color and 65535 is the maximum color

See also
Burger::RGBAWord16_t, Burger::RGBWord8_t and Burger::RGBFloat_t

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_uBlue

uint16_t Burger::RGBWord16_t::m_uBlue

16 bit blue value

◆ m_uGreen

uint16_t Burger::RGBWord16_t::m_uGreen

16 bit green value

◆ m_uRed

uint16_t Burger::RGBWord16_t::m_uRed

16 bit red value