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Burger::Flash::ItemInfo_t Struct Reference

Optional key/value pairs. More...

Public Member Functions

void Read (Stream *pStream)
 Read from an input stream.

Public Attributes

uint_t m_uKey
 Key value.
uint_t m_uValue
 Value attached to the key.

Detailed Description

Optional key/value pairs.

The ItemInfo_t entry is used to define a key / value pair for the MetaDataInfo class.

Full documentation is found on page 27 of the file avm2overview.pdf

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Read()

void BURGER_API Burger::Flash::ItemInfo_t::Read ( Stream * pStream)

Read from an input stream.

Parse the data from the stream to fill in the structure.

pStreamPointer to the input stream
See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_uKey

uint_t Burger::Flash::ItemInfo_t::m_uKey

Key value.

◆ m_uValue

uint_t Burger::Flash::ItemInfo_t::m_uValue

Value attached to the key.