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Burger::Sequencer::EnvelopeMarker_t Struct Reference

A single entry for sound envelope marking. More...

Public Member Functions

uint_t Interpolate (const EnvelopeMarker_t *pNext, uint_t uPosition) const
 Interpolate between two envelope positions.

Public Attributes

uint16_t m_uPosition
 Time mark for when this volume is active.
uint16_t m_uVolume
 Volume at this time mark.

Detailed Description

A single entry for sound envelope marking.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Interpolate()

uint_t BURGER_API Burger::Sequencer::EnvelopeMarker_t::Interpolate ( const EnvelopeMarker_t * pNext,
uint_t uPosition ) const

Interpolate between two envelope positions.

Given a time mark, determine the interpolated volume between the two sound envelope marks

pNextPointer to the next envelope in the sequence
uPositionCurrent time mark
Interpolated volume

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_uPosition

uint16_t Burger::Sequencer::EnvelopeMarker_t::m_uPosition

Time mark for when this volume is active.

◆ m_uVolume

uint16_t Burger::Sequencer::EnvelopeMarker_t::m_uVolume

Volume at this time mark.