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Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t Struct Reference

Structure for each huffman tree entry. More...

Public Attributes

union { 
   uint16_t   m_uFrequency 
 Frequency count. More...
   uint16_t   m_uCode 
 Bit string. More...
 Frequency count/bit string entry.
union { 
   uint16_t   m_uDadBits 
 Father node in Huffman tree. More...
   uint16_t   m_uLength 
 Length of bit string. More...
 Data value for the node.

Detailed Description

Structure for each huffman tree entry.

See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ [union]

union { ... } Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t::m_DataLength

Data value for the node.

◆ [union]

union { ... } Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t::m_FrequencyCount

Frequency count/bit string entry.

◆ m_uCode

uint16_t Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t::m_uCode

Bit string.

◆ m_uDadBits

uint16_t Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t::m_uDadBits

Father node in Huffman tree.

◆ m_uFrequency

uint16_t Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t::m_uFrequency

Frequency count.

◆ m_uLength

uint16_t Burger::CompressDeflate::CodeData_t::m_uLength

Length of bit string.