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Burger::OutputMemoryStream::Chunk_t Struct Reference

Data chunk for OutputMemoryStream. More...

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Public Attributes

 Pointer to the next chunk.
uintptr_t m_uMark
 Base file mark for this chunk.
uint8_t m_Buffer [kChunkSize]
 Chunk data.

Detailed Description

Data chunk for OutputMemoryStream.

To prevent allocation failures, the OutputMemoryStream class allocates data chunks in small sizes so if the memory is fragmented the odds of a successful allocation increases.

Once the OutputMemoryStream is disposed of or a call to OutputMemoryStream::Clear() is issued, all chunks are disposed of.

See also

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Buffer

uint8_t Burger::OutputMemoryStream::Chunk_t::m_Buffer[kChunkSize]

Chunk data.

◆ m_pNext

Chunk_t* Burger::OutputMemoryStream::Chunk_t::m_pNext

Pointer to the next chunk.

◆ m_uMark

uintptr_t Burger::OutputMemoryStream::Chunk_t::m_uMark

Base file mark for this chunk.