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Burger::Base Class Reference

Base class for virtual destructor. More...

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Public Member Functions

const char * get_class_name (void) const noexcept
 Get the name of the class.
virtual const Burger::StaticRTTIget_StaticRTTI (void) const noexcept
 Get the description to the class.
virtual ~Base () noexcept=default

Static Public Attributes

static const Burger::StaticRTTI g_StaticRTTI
 The global description of the class.

Detailed Description

Base class for virtual destructor.

Burgerlib has numerous pointers to unknown classes that are up cast from Base if they are actually used. By only knowing a generic, empty base class, no code bloat is needed to manage destructor/constructor chains because of a class reference to something that uses OpenGL, DirectX or any other high overhead functionality. The only code linked in is the generic destructor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Base()

Burger::Base::~Base ( )


Does absolutely nothing

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_class_name()

const char * Burger::Base::get_class_name ( void ) const

Get the name of the class.

This inline function will pull the virtually declared pointer to the StaticRTTI instance that has the name of the class. Due to it being virtual, it will be the name of the most derived class.

Pointer to a global, read only "C" string with the true name of the class

◆ get_StaticRTTI()

const Burger::StaticRTTI * Burger::Base::get_StaticRTTI ( void ) const

Get the description to the class.

This virtual function will pull the pointer to the StaticRTTI instance that has the name of the class. Due to it being virtual, it will be the name of the most derived class.

Pointer to a global, read only instance of StaticRTTI for the true class

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Member Data Documentation

◆ g_StaticRTTI

const Burger::StaticRTTI Burger::Base::g_StaticRTTI

The global description of the class.

This record contains the name of this class and a reference to the parent (If any)