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Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t Struct Reference

Information presented to the callback on a server to add or remove from the application's internal lists. More...

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Public Member Functions

void Init (const LocatedServer_t *pInput)
 Load an EnumeratedServerInfo_t.

Public Attributes

const charm_pGameName
 Name of game server.
NetAddr_t m_HostAddr
 Address of the game server.
NetAddr_t m_PingAddress
 Address datagram came from.
uint32_t m_uExtraDataSize
 Number of bytes in the custom buffer.
 Extra data specific to the server.

Detailed Description

Information presented to the callback on a server to add or remove from the application's internal lists.

When enumeration is active, located servers on the network will be searched and if one is found or lost, this structure will be sent via the callback command of kServerAdd or kServerRemove to add or remove this entry respectively.

See also

Member Function Documentation

◆ Init()

void BURGER_API Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t::Init ( const LocatedServer_t * pInput)

Load an EnumeratedServerInfo_t.

This function converts a LocatedServer_t into an EnumeratedServerInfo_t to be sent to a callback routine when a server is added or removed from the active list.

See also
EnumerationProc or LocatedServer_t

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_HostAddr

NetAddr_t Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t::m_HostAddr

Address of the game server.

◆ m_pExtra

void* Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t::m_pExtra

Extra data specific to the server.

◆ m_pGameName

const char* Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t::m_pGameName

Name of game server.

◆ m_PingAddress

NetAddr_t Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t::m_PingAddress

Address datagram came from.

◆ m_uExtraDataSize

uint32_t Burger::NetworkModuleSettings::EnumeratedServerInfo_t::m_uExtraDataSize

Number of bytes in the custom buffer.