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Burger::CompressDeflate::TreeDesc_t Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

 The dynamic tree.
const StaticTreeDesc_tm_pStaticTree
 The corresponding static tree.
int m_iMaximumCode
 Largest code with non zero frequency.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_iMaximumCode

int Burger::CompressDeflate::TreeDesc_t::m_iMaximumCode

Largest code with non zero frequency.

◆ m_pDynamicTree

CodeData_t* Burger::CompressDeflate::TreeDesc_t::m_pDynamicTree

The dynamic tree.

◆ m_pStaticTree

const StaticTreeDesc_t* Burger::CompressDeflate::TreeDesc_t::m_pStaticTree

The corresponding static tree.