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Burger::ArgumentType_t Union Reference

Base structure for ArgumentType. More...

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Public Attributes

ArgumentTypeDataUnion_t m_Data
 Data stored in the container.
eArgumentType m_eType
 Type of object found.

Detailed Description

Base structure for ArgumentType.

Data enclosed in the class ArgumentType. It was necessary to expose it as a structure to allow ArgumentType_DispatchPtr and ArgumentType_Dispatch access to the data within without creating a circular dependency.

The original implementation had the templates ArgumentType_Dispatch and ArgumentType_DispatchPtr contained within ArgumentType but some compilers such as GNUC 4.2 and CodeWarior complained.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_Data

ArgumentTypeDataUnion_t Burger::ArgumentType_t::m_Data

Data stored in the container.

◆ m_eType

eArgumentType Burger::ArgumentType_t::m_eType

Type of object found.