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Welcome to Burgerlib

The only low level library you'll ever need

Copyright 1995-2023 by Rebecca Ann Heineman [email protected]. Email all suggestions, corrections, optimizations and insults to her and she'll be eternally grateful.

It is released under an MIT Open Source license. Please see LICENSE for license details. Yes, you can use it in a commercial title without paying anything, just give me a credit.

Please? It's not like I'm asking you for money!

Online Doxygen Documentation

Documentation is found here.

Yes, click the link above. DO IT! BOOKMARK IT!

To build documentation locally, in the docs folder, type "``buildme -docs``". Make sure that doxygen, dot, and pandoc are in the path. The HTML documentation will be found in docs/temp/burgerlibdoxygen/index.htm

Python is required

Python can be downloaded here.

After Python is installed, run pip install -r requirements.txt from the root folder. This will ensure buildme and other python scripts needed by the build system are present.

Once it is installed, run buildme to build everything in the root or projects folders, or buildme whatever.sln to build a specific project file. buildme will build all project files. cleanme will clean a folder of all temporary files.

Windows prerequisites

Open Watcom 1.9 for Dos and Windows 32 targets

To build with Open Watcom, download and install the compiler and set the environment variable WATCOM to point to the installation folder, usually C:\WATCOM

Download Open Watcom 1.9 here

SHA-1 236ac33ebd463006be4ecd83d7ebea1c026eb55a

Codewarrior 9.4 for Windows 32 target

To build with Metrowerks Codewarrior, download and install the compiler. To install, first run CW_Windows_9.2.exe and then install CW_Windows_9.4_Update.exe. After installation, copy the file license.dat over the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Metrowerks\CodeWarrior\license.dat to update the license to a permanent one.

Download Codewarrior 9.4 for Windows here

SHA-1 2a8a839aa34a0e7b8400004788f0cbc3db03f90e for CW_Windows_9.2.exe
SHA-1 6da8be8022bf96b9387b6b14980944092ed2fc46 for CW_Windows_9.4_Update.exe

Current Visual Studio IDE

Download Visual Studio at Visual Studio website. Visual Studio 2022 is recommended, however versions from 2003, 2005, all the way to 2022 is supported.

Visual Studio 2003

Download these three ISO files,

  1. Disk 1
  2. Disk 2
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Service Pack 1

Tools locations for download

Visual Studio code

Download Visual Studio code here


Download Doxygen for the host platform from here.


Download Graphviz from here.


Download Pandoc from here.


Download 7Zip from here.

DirectX 9.0c SDK June 2010

This is needed to build Burgerlib Windows using older compilers.

Download DirectX 9.0c SDK June 2010 here

SHA-1 495ad05ae5fc4ecd76b53a69a35bacb66d958608

Vulkan SDK

Needed for Windows builds.

Download Vulkan SDK here

Sections of interest


  • Rebecca Ann Heineman - most of the codebase
  • Gary S. Brown - CRC32B
  • Jean-loup Gailly - Original Zlib compressor
  • Mark Adler - Original Zlib decompressor
  • Thatcher Ulrich - Hash template
  • Daniel Julius Bernstein - djb2 hash algorithm
  • Matt Pritchard - SafePrint