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Over 8 years ago, I started down the path that would eventually lead me to the life I am leading today. Part of that beginning included me creating a diary as an outlet for the emotions that I was feeling as my life and the lives of my family were turned upside down by my realization, announcement and eventual treatment for being transgender.

During those early years, I wrote many novels, blogs and thoughts down in this livejournal as a method of therapy until it no longer became relevant to my life. I've long since moved past the need for posting transition news, events or anything much for that matter. As such, this journal pretty much had fallen by the wayside and had been collecting dust for quite some time.

Well, my life is great, I'm surrounded by awesome friends, I have a great job and for the last few years I've been leading a very happy life. So, it's time for me to decide either to put this journal to rest or put it to use.

Recently, I've been asked to contribute to the #AltDevBlogADay newsfeed and I've accepted. I've used this journal in the past for posting my own little Coding Blog and I'm going to resume making coding blog entries here, and they will be mirrored as my entries to the #AltDevBlogADay feed. I'll also post here about the stuff I'm doing that's too big to post as a quick twitter post like the twitter posts been doing for the past two years.

And yes, I'm writing more Sailor Ranko pages for the webcomic. That drought is also ending.

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 1 Jul 2011 | 12:44 pm

Today is the Transgender Day of Rememberance, where we remember those who've died at the hands of others due to violence directed at Transgendered individuals. This year marks a solemn milestone where a 16 MONTH old baby boy was killed for being too "feminine". Why must people embrace hate to those they do not understand? Why must each year, new names and stories are added to the list? All we want is to be accepted as the wonderful people that we are, and find our place in the world, as everyone else does in our own ways.

Let's all hope, pray and work to make this day obsolete, because no more names are or shall ever be, added to this morbid list. That day, when it finally comes, will be the day where we all realize we are the same. We are all members of the human race.

And all humans will live together with dignity... someday...

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 20 Nov 2010 | 12:25 pm

Only a few days since my last post, I was offered a job at UbiSoft Toronto. Here it is, the eve of my start date and due to issues with immigration in Canada (the 51st state of the USA, eh?) I have no permit to work. In the meantime, I got some work at my old alma mater, Microsoft. I'll be Borg for a bit until things are straightened out and I'm working on cool stuff for UbiSoft. :) Maybe resistance was futile after all?

I've also stopped by Valve to hang out with the coders there and was able to score a signed copy of The Orange Box as a gift for my friend's son who happens to be a huge Valve fanboy. When I sent a photo of the signed box, he went gaga. I'm sure his geek cred shot up through the roof! His mom's cred jumped a few points too, for which I'm quite pleased.

I've finally found some boxes of my ancient wares and dev tools and packed them nicely. I'll be dropping them off in the mail to The Classic Video Game Museum for proper archiving.

There's a lot of other things going on, I'll defer them to a future journal entry.

In the meantime, I've standardized on UTF8 for all filenames internally in Burgerlib. It was a bit of work and it was worth it. Being able to have filenames with special Kanji characters work without change on many platforms was awesome! I'm such a geekette. バイバイ!

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 12 Sep 2010 | 1:16 pm

Last weekend, I was in New York City on business and decided to stay a few extra days to actually enjoy the city. Last June, I took a contract at Bloomberg LP writing financial software to expand my programming repertoire. Due to my schedule, I spent my first New York weekend (The 3 day 4th of July weekend) in Baltimore, MD, the next weekend in Seattle for a Bachelorette party and the third weekend to attend the actual wedding. The fourth weekend was in San Diego for the San Diego ComicCon.

Well, my contract ended (bummer) and so I had no need of the room I was renting and I went back to Seattle to focus on iPhone development (A classic title is coming back soon!). Since my 5th weekend was free, I flew to Las Vegas Nevada for the Classic Games Expo, which I mentioned in my last update.

I flew back to NYC for an interview, and since I still had my room here, I intentionally made the trip last over the weekend. Nothing like a pre-paid place to stay to keep the costs down. I intended to make the most of my time here and take in the experience that is New York. I asked my friend Mara to come up and hang out with me for Saturday night nightclubbing and shopping on 5th ave. on Sunday. We had a blast.

Since the creators of the classic video game museum, Joe Santulli and John Hardie, lived in the New York City area, I met up with them on Saturday morning, and they took me to the store room where they have some of the artifacts they are going to put on display for the Video Game Museum they will be opening in the Silicon Valley area of California. In my possession, I had some one-of-a-kind artifacts from my days as the National Space Invaders Championship in 1980 and development hardware I made when I was working for The Avalon Hill Game Company in 1981.

I've had these things sitting in a box for 30 years. They were very personal to me, yet I knew they represented a time in the game industry that's being slowly forgotten. Occassionally, I search for references to the video game contest I won and am finding less and less information on it. It's almost as if it never happened, yet it was a huge deal in 1980, with TV news spots, massive promotions, writeups in all the gaming magazines and today, almost nothing remains.

So, with a bit of meloncholy, I gathered up my most prized possession, a photo of me in the Whittier Daily News that my father had framed, with the article talking about me winning the contest. I gave them the framed clipping because they are going to give it a home in their museum so that long after I'm gone, my contributions to the industry will be remembered. When I return to Seattle, I'm taking that box of memories and shipping it to New York (Or carrying it if I find I'm in New York City again in less than a month), and giving them everything I have so it can be catalogued, stories written and remembered.

Here are some pictures Joe took of my while I was visiting the Digital Press game store

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 16 Aug 2010 | 10:00 am

Last week, I had the privledge of being invited as an alumni to the Classic Games Expo in Las Vegas Nevada. A friend of mine, Kelly Wilson, was intrigued by the idea of such an expo and she tagged along with me down to Vegas. We arrived on Friday July 30th and stayed at the Excalibur hotel. That evening, we attended the alumni dinner at the Tropicana where I got to meet Ed Fries who wrote Halo for the Atari 2600 and see all the people whom I've hadn't seen in years to decades.

The dinner was great, the music was fun and the organizers went on stage to welcome us all and drinks were on the house!

Saturday was a blast, checking out all the classic games and speaking to John Hardie, one of the organizers, and making arrangements so I can donate some rare artifacts I still have to their classic games museum they are planning on opening in the Silicon Valley area some time in the future. I even signed some of my classic games for posterity. In the musuem, I found copies of books I helped write back in the 80's on how to beat the video games. There it was, my old name, preserved for eternity as my part of video game history, inside the front covers of these books. I got to meet up with my old friend Peter Oliphant and we shared stories about the Interplay days. Memories!

Sunday, we spent time with the Blue Sky Rangers (The old Intellivision team) and swapped stories. We attended a concert with 8-Bit Weapon and as he was wrapping up his set, he announced my name and asked for me to come up on stage with him and perform! So I did and enjoyed my 4 minutes of fame as a musician. :P Come to find he's a huge fan of my work and I signed copies of Bard's Tale III and Dragon Wars for him.

After the show ended, there was no way I was leavung Vegas without seeing a show, so off to see The Blue Man Group at the Venetian. I must say, they really know how to do an audience participation show. I was able to score some 2nd row seats, complete with ponchos to protect our clothing from the colored paint sprays that pop out of their drums.

Since I'm such a complete geekette, when I was in my hotel room, I was checking in updates to my iPhone game, much to Kelly's delight (She's doing play balance and testing).

I'll definately be coming back next year to the Classic Gaming Expo. If you're into old school gaming and programming, you should too!

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 9 Aug 2010 | 10:05 am

It's been over six months since I made an entry in my livejournal. A great deal of things have happened since I last signed on. Last January, I met this wonderful girl named Erin Mounts and we've been dating for months and I'm happy to announce here on my journal that we're engaged to be married! I'm so happy!

I've since moved to the Ballard area in Seattle, Washington in a beautiful 4 bedroom house with a great view of Puget Sound. Recently, I took a contract to work at Bloomberg LP in New York city and have lived in New York (As a roommate in an apartment in north Manhattan) and now I've returned to Seattle, my home. I'm too much of a West Coast girl. New York is nice to visit, however, living there is another matter.

I'm back at the helm of my game company, Contraband Entertainment and am working on a game for the iPhone and Xbox Live Arcade with some good friends who are doing the art for me while I do the programming.

Also, I'm facilitating at the Ingersoll Gender Center on Wednesdays at 7PM (I ran the session last night after a month hiatus while I was in New York), so if anyone is transgendered and living in the Seattle area, stop on by and hang out with others. :)

Mostly, I've been running updates on Facebook, so if you want up to minute info, friend me there. I've also got new pages of Sailor Ranko that I'll be posting in a week or two, so keep checking the Sailor Ranko website for updates.

Lastly, I'll be posting more entries into my coding blog, for those of you who are tech minded.

For now, I'm off to Las Vegas to speak at the Classic Video Games Conference. If you're in Vegas this weekend, stop by the Tropicana Hotel and say hi!

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 29 Jul 2010 | 4:30 pm

The Grim Reaper has made another appointment with our family. First, he took my daughter's dog Nemesis, then my son's dog King, then my beloved cat Bob and I haven't seen Alucard, my other cat, in months and I fear the worst. Scooby, my son's pet chihuahua / dachshund mix has a tumor in his jaw and his pain has reached the point where eating is intensely painful.

My daughter in law, Samantha, has made the arrangements for Scooby to go to his last visit to the vet.

Now it means we have my two "cats on loan" and my son's dog Aiser left. Kimari is a cat that belongs to my daughter, Cynthia, and when she settles into a place that can handle cats, he's going home, and Amaya who my friend Dee left with me since she's going back to Indonesia and there's a chance Amaya is going with Dee.

I know pets aren't forever, still, like my kids, they are only with me for a while and then their paths diverge from mine.

Here's to travelling my own path in life...

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 11 Oct 2009 | 9:07 pm

It's been a while since I wrote in my journal and a lot has been happening. Sailor Ranko: the comic has restarted, I've got someone redoing the existing pages and I go out a lot with the friends I've made in Seattle.

Up until today, I've been counting the days that my son Jeffrey would finish high school in Los Angeles, and come move up here to attend a college in Seattle. Well, things have changed.

He wants to change his career and go to film school in Los Angles.

I'm happy for him. I really am. Which now means that I'm living in a home that's a bit too big for me. I'll be starting a search for a smaller place, much closer to work, so I can spend more time doing the things I like to do instead of fighting traffic.

I picked this place because it was near some decent schools and I had hoped my son would stay with me longer than for the summer.

Now, my youngest is going to graduate in the spring and I've run out of kids to take care of. That's it; the last of them have become adults. I'm "free". No more needing extra bedrooms in anticipation of my kids attending school and coming home needing a mom. No more homework nights, and no more sessions of Halo 3.

Of course, they will visit, but it's not the same anymore.

I've got some decisions to make in regards to my long term situation. Do I stay in this house, paying more rent than I need to for rooms that stay empty? Do I move to a small apartment? What about my eldest son who lives with his wife downstairs? Should I make the call for us to part ways?

This morning, what I was going to do for the next 4 to 5 years were crystal clear. Now it's not so clear anymore.

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 3 Oct 2009 | 12:32 pm

Got up and checked out of my hotel, then drove over to an appointment I had here in Scottsdale. Things went great. Then it was off to the Phoenix Airport to pick up Anne Onymous of "The Wotch" and take her over to Robin's place.

Due do a scheduling hiccup, I couldn't meet up with Mike Stackpole on Sunday, so I drove to Prescott Valley, dropped off Anne, and drove back to Scottsdale, where I met Mike at the Blue Wasabi and had a wonderful dinner with him. It's been a very long time since I've seen him and we chatted about Bard's Tale, current and past novels either of us had written and overall catching up. It was great to see him again.

Hopped in the car and drove back to Prescott and met up with Anne, Robin and Thom and went to see the Harry Potter movie. I've already seen it, and the trio liked it alot.

Then we went to Robin's place and they went to play Xbox (Team Fortress 2) and I passed out in the spare bedroom.

WWWWWAAAAAAYYYY too much driving today. I'm so glad I'm not planning this much driving for the rest of my time off.

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 21 Jul 2009 | 8:26 am

It has been a long, long time since I've had a vacation; a real vacation. I've been such a workaholic most of my life, I rarely took time out except for an occasional date, movie or nice dinner somewhere.

Day one:
Got up early to make my flight to Phoenix AZ. I arrived at 10:20AM, got my rental car, checked into my hotel and then went straight to In-N-Out burger. I don't know what secret ingredient is in the sauce, it made me drool just thinking about it. I nommed.

The heat reminded me of Dallas/Los Angeles. It felt good. Relaxed for a while and at a friend's suggestion, I went to Hana Japanese Eatery and I loved it. The service was great, the food was great (Spider Roll and their Sashimi Bento), although the prices were a bit higher than I'm used to, it's expected for a sushi place smack dab in the middle of Arizona.

Now, I'm back in my hotel room, and vegging out. Serious vegging... Yes, I'll veg.

Source: Burger Becky's mindless thoughts | 19 Jul 2009 | 8:01 pm